Episode 5 : Taking the anxiety out of Low-Tox Living with Amanda Bodine

Amanda Bodine is a low-tox living consultant who takes the overwhelm out of going low-tox!  She has dedicated the last four years to understanding how the chemicals we are exposed to in our everyday lives impact our bodies and the health of our children.  As a low-tox living consultant, Amanda primarily focuses on helping new and soon-to-be moms navigate their conception, pregnancy and motherhood journeys through the lens of environmental toxins so they can prevent the most common chronic diseases impacting children today. She is a member of the National Association of Environmental Medicine and the American Holistic Health Association.

We discuss environmental toxins, the myths surrounding hormone disrupting chemicals found in our everyday products, how to get started on your low-tox journey, ingredients to avoid while shopping for personal care items, tips for avoiding toxins at home. Amanda has generously offered 20% off for listeners of the Made of Dreams Podcast : just use the code MADEOFDREAMS on any of the offers below! 

Work with Amanda

1:1 consultation where she shows clients how to navigate the world of environmental toxins in a way that is practical, and attainable in their current circumstances.  

Low-Tox Shopping Guide Database  with over 500 truly low-tox products linked and rated, so you can shop every need you have with a low-tox solution. 

Snack Guide with nutritious and convenient low-tox foods that can be found at Walmart, Target and Whole Foods.  

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